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Ayres & Graces, Goan & Stayn, Pointen & Laffan:
The Classic Glasnevin Poster Collection

Glasnevin TowerGlasnevin is Ireland’s National Cemetery and the final resting place of some of her most renowned sons and daughters.

Revolutionaries, poets, leaders, thinkers, writers, soldiers, scientists, activists and artists lie beside the equally important plain people of Ireland. Each has her or his own story and with one and a half million people buried here (more than are above ground in Dublin) there is an amazing number of different family names, from the rare to the everyday. 

This characteristic of Glasnevin’s historic ledgers inspired the ‘Names’ campaign and has already made the official Glasnevin poster a sought-after souvenir as well as a way to show a connection to Ireland. The posters feature the names in a light-hearted yet respectful way, counterpointing homonyms and celebrating the sheer diversity of families in the national cemetery. The award-winning posters, crafted with loving care, were created for Glasnevin by Dublin advertising and ideas company Brand Artillery.

Every family name depicted is genuinely present in Glasnevin and the number cited as bearing that name is accurate at time of going to print. Ní bheidh a leithéid ann arís.