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Artillery Brand aims to be among the world’s best places to find clever and distinctive wall art of both universal and Irish interest.

Characterful work we’ve carefully created, co-created or curated.

From classic posters advertising Ireland’s National Cemetery, to rare Dublin sayings rendered by the best international and Irish letter-crafters.
From wry, of-the-moment comments on the times we live in, to salvaged historical images given a new lease of life.

A trademark of Artillery Brand is exceptional quality lithographic printing, on pleasingly substantial art papers.
And we want Artillery Brand customers to find the whole experience refreshing. From easy, secure purchasing backed by Stripe, to hand-finished presentation and despatch in a sturdy tube with acid-free tissue paper.
All with free worldwide shipping.

Chops: The Triumph of Experience

Chops is an ‘Expert Insider’ series, edited by Eoghan Nolan and Gerry McCloskey and featuring some of the liveliest minds around. 1000-word pdfs of pure knowledge transfer for free download, each one distilled learning, bottled and shared at no cost. Watch this space for a growing library of Chops.

Dublin-Type Sayings

Dublin-Type Sayings Gallery

Artillery Brand’s curator, Eoghan says:
“My great-grandmother Norah Martin was born about the same time as James Joyce and not very far away from him. She was widely known for her lively wit and distinctive phrases, some of which she appears to have coined; they’re passed on in the family language, like heirlooms”.

Classic Glasnevin Posters

The Classic Glasnevin Posters

Glasnevin is Ireland’s national cemetery, last resting place of one and a half million people, more than are above ground in Dublin. An amazing variety of family names, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, are recorded in Glasnevin’s great ledgers. This inspired our award-winning ‘Names’ campaign, which became these much sought-after classic posters.

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

For better or worse, we live in historic times.
Brexit is the biggest issue to face Europe since the World Wars.
That’s one reason it puts us in mind of this poster from Britain in WW1. So we amended it just a little bit, substituting ‘Post-Brexit’ for the original ‘In War Times’. May be a conversation starter in 100 years.

Write Like a Dog

Brown Study

A series of thoughts to keep handy while you’re having your own thoughts. Reminders, admonitions, aspirations, morality tales. Thoughts on writing and deadlines of all kinds, including some helpful meditations to those in need of digital detox.


The Hist from the Mist

Faithful reproductions of historical posters and images from the past, some nearly lost in the mists of time. This gallery will hold everything from famous Irish recruitment posters to election posters and ephemera that deserves never to be forgotten or overlooked.

Your guarantee of quality

Each Artillery Brand print* is hand-stamped and carries an individual batch number.

This is your guarantee that each print has been inspected to ensure premium print quality and that the individual print is blemish-free. Only then is it ready for despatch from Ireland (with free worldwide shipping) in pristine condition, protected by acid-free tissue paper in a sturdy tube.

We want Artillery Brand prints to be a pleasure to give and a pleasure to receive.

*Doesn’t apply to Glasnevin posters or anywhere the edition is shared.

Artillery Brand quality stamp